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The online cleaning specialists.

About Therma-Chem

Therma-Chem are a globally operating Scottish company specialised in the production and application of unique chemical technology products. Used for the online cleaning of boilers and process heaters within power plants and refineries, our products improve efficiency, increase capacity, reduce emissions and allow for a high return-on-investment.

Our specialist technology can also be applied online to rotating equipment including expanders, gas turbines and turbo chargers to remove and prevent the formation of deposits and prevent corrosion of blades and other stationary components.

Best Practice

Therma-Chem are ISO 9001:2015 certified ensuring that all our products and services meet internationally recognized standards and that we are committed to continuously improving our service offering. It is the policy of Therma-Chem to provide our customers with a fast, flexible, and quality service that is the paradigm for best practice in the industry.

Research & Development

Therma-Chem are committed to the research and devlopment of new products to compliment our current portfolio and continue to offer clients a high return on investment by increasing efficiency, reducing emissions and restoring capacity.

If you are unsure if any of our current range of products will assist you in tackling your problems and increasing operational efficiency or the reduction of emissions, please contact us and one of our experienced sales team will be happy to help.

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