Minimise fouling and eliminate corrosion on HRSGs without any downtime via online cleaning.

Online Cleaning Specialists

Over time, a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) will experience a build-up deposits on the finned tubes impacting upon the heat transfer and ultimately reducing efficiency and overall performance of the unit.

Therma-Chem can be injected online, downstream of the gas turbine, to target any fouling in the HRSG. Our unique ability to inject chemicals without line of site of the fouled areas, makes our solution unique for cleaning HRSGs. Not only will we minimise fouling and increase the efficiency of the unit, we will also eliminate any sulphuric acid deposits protecting the integrity of the unit and ensuring that there is easy access at turnarounds.

How Does FS12 Work

Therma-Chem’s FS12 is an mildly alkaline solution that is designed specifically to clean online. Using Therma-Chem’s proprietary injection system, the liquid is injected into the inlet duct of the HRSG, vaporises and is carried by the flue gas through the unit, encountering all heat transfer surfaces.

FS12 reacts with existing deposits and fouling on tubes by increasing their melting point and reduces them to soft powdery ash.

FS12 also neutralises sulphur deposits on the cold end of the flue gas path preventing cold end corrosion and eases man entry during a maintenance or inspection shutdown.

Therma-Chem have many years of experience in online cleaning of downstream equipment in refineries and specialise in eliminating fouling and sulphur corossion resulting in increased efficiency and availability.

Application Methods

FS12 is traditionally applied to process heaters in one of three ways:

Maintenance Dosing

Applied daily, FS12 keeps units clean and prevents costly drop offs in performance and avoids the possible need for shutdowns during the operating campaign. This is the most common method of application with some customers having used Therma-Chem every day for 15 years across multiple units.

Online Recovery Cleaning

When a unit is load and/or temperature restricted mid-run and there is no window to shut down for maintenance, FS12 is introduced to recover performance. Injected 3-4 times per day over a period of 30-90 days, depending on the severity of the fouling, FS12 can target any part of the unit loosening deposits and restoring performance. We would then recommend switching to Maintenance Dosing to prevent a drop-off in performance recurring.

Pre Shutdown Cleaning

Utilised in the run up to a shutdown to facilitate a more effective and easier clean of a unit, FS12 can be applied 3-4 times per day for a period between 30 – 90 days.This ensures that during the shutdown, cleaning is more effective, easier, quicker and any sulphuric deposits are neutralised, dry, and entry into all areas of the unit is safe and comfortable.