Our Products


Eliminate ash deposition in boilers and fired-heaters via online cleaning.

Our UN approved methodology for reducing emissions, FS12 is designed to remove slagging and fouling online within boilers and process heaters. FS12 targets all heat exchange surfaces from the combustion chamber through to the stack. Using FS12 will result in increased efficiency, restored capacity and the prevention of corrosion.


Created specifcially to target rotating equipment including Gas Turbines and Expanders within FCC units.

Therma-Chem’s Turbo-Mor is applied online to prevent corrosion of blades and other components by neutralising corrosive substances such as sulphur and vanadium.


Produced for the shipping industry, MB9 was specifically designed to target marine boilers and the unique difficulties they present.

MB9 will remove slagging and fouling throughout the boiler and will reduce the time spent in dock for cleaning. In particular, MB9 is designed to target sulphur and carbon deposits in the economisers. By removing these deposits, ship operators can avoid water washing and the subsequent effluent disposal costs which may become compulsory under IMO regulations.