Increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and eliminate sulfur corrosion on marine boilers through online cleaning


Produced for the shipping industry, MB9 was specifically designed to target marine boilers and the unique difficulties they present.

MB9 will remove slagging and fouling throughout the boiler and will reduce the time spent in dock cleaning. In particular, MB9 is designed to target sulfur and carbon deposits in the economisers. By removing these deposits, ship operators can avoid water washing and the subsequent effluent disposal costs which may become compulsory under IMO regulations.

Benefits of Using MB9

– Improves energy efficiency and reduces fuel costs
– Reduces emissions by burning less fuel
– Prevents high temperature corrosion
– Prevents back-end acid corrosion during operation
– Online boiler cleaner meaning that it is not necessary to stop the boiler for cleaning
– Prevents problems arising from water washing including refractory damage, corrosion, and effluent disposal

The photographs above show a substantial reduction of deposits on the superheaters of a marine boiler after 90-days of Therma-Chem online cleaning.


Steam Boilers

On ships utilising steam boilers, MB9 is injected directly into the combustion chamber alongside the burners. The chemical gasifies and expands and reacts with exisiting depoits gradually turning them to soft, powdery ash and increasing the heat transfer within the boiler. MB9 will also prevent low temperature sulfur corrosion by neutralizing acids.

Marine Economizers

Small compact boilers downstream of the main engine are susceptible to fouling and, particularly, sulfur corrosion. To prevent this, MB9 can be injected directly into the exhaust gas stream and while the engine is in operation and the chemical vapor will then prevent fouling in the economizer and eliminate any sulfur corrosion.