FCC Expanders

Eliminate deposits on Expanders via online chemical cleaning.

Online Expander Cleaning Specialists

Catalyst deposition on expander flow path components can be a major concern for FCC operations.

The deposition can occur on both rotating and stationary components and can lead to various issues such as:

• Severe power degradation
• Increased vibration
• Rotor blade rubs and major damage
• Unplanned unit trips

Therma-Chem Turbo Mor can eliminate these problems via our unique online cleaning solution. Turbo-Mor is injected upstream of the Expander during normal operation and penetrates, loosens and disintegrates any catalyst deposit. This protects surfaces from corrosion and prevents the accumulation of new deposits.

Therma-Chem have been applying our online cleaning solutions to Expanders since 1999 and our unique technology provides a substantial return-on-investment to clients.

Examples of deposition on Expander blades.

How does Turbo-Mor Work?

A unique alkaline solution, Turbo-Mor works by raising the melting point of vanadium and converting sulphuric deposits to dry sulphites and sulphates.

By removing these sticky, corrosive substances, Turbo-Mor prevents catalyst fines from adhering to blades which allows the blades to remain free of deposits, preventing vibration and corrosion.

Before and After