Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Reduce fouling and eliminate corrosion in the lead up to planned shutdowns and turnarounds.

Pre-Shutdown Online Cleaning Specialists

It is vital for plants and refineries that shutdowns and turnarounds are completed on time and on budget to ensure that they can resume operations as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, with boilers and process furnaces, slagging, fouling and corrosion can result in extensive cleaning times.

Using Therma-Chem’s products in the lead up to shutdowns and turnarounds can ensure that units are pre-conditioned so that cleaning is easier, quicker and safer for maintenance teams.

Application of our technology ensures that fouling is substantially reduced, any remaining deposits are soft and easy to remove and, finally, that corrosion is completely eliminated, even in high moisture environments.

Deposits easily removed by hand in the preheating section of a Hydrogen Reformer after pre-shutdown cleaning programme by Therma-Chem.

During the 40 day turnaround period the tubes did not go hygroscopic even when exposed to normal wet atmosphere for 40 days, therefore, there was no sulphuric acid corrosion attack issues and the main aim of the Injection Programme was fulfilled.

How Does FS12 Work

Therma-Chem’s FS12 is an mildly alkaline solution containing nitrates that is designed specifically to clean boilers online. Using Therma-Chem’s proprietary injection system, the liquid is injected directly into the furnace, vaporises and is carried by the flue gas through the unit, encountering all heat transfer surfaces from the radiant section through to the economiser, and air pre-heater.

FS12 reacts with existing hard deposits and fouling on tubes by increasing their melting point and reduces them to soft powdery ash.

FS12 also neutralises sulphur deposits on the cold end of the flue gas path preventing cold end corrosion and eases man entry during a maintenance or inspection shutdown.

Therma-Chem have many years of experience in cleaning both Platformers and Reformers online and specialise in dealing with the unique challenges these units represent.


Utilised in the run up to a shutdown to facilitate a more effective and easier clean of a unit, FS12 can be applied 3-4 times per day for a period between 30 – 90 days.This ensures that during the shutdown, cleaning is more effective, easier, quicker and any vanadium pentoxide and sulphuric deposits are neutralised, dry, and entry into all areas of the unit is safe and comfortable.