Therma-Chem tackles climate change at WPC 2023

The Path to Net Zero

The World Petroleum Congress (WPC) took place in Calgary this year and was focused on the theme – Energy Transition; The Path to Net Zero.

We were delighted to be part of this year’s event as it brought together industry leaders and experts worldwide in the oil and gas sector. Each of these organisations had one common goal – to become carbon neutral through emission reduction as their number one strategy to tackle climate change.

It was clear from the many talks and workshops that there are lots of highly innovative organisations and research centres actively working on R&D to develop transformational technologies to reduce emissions, but many of these concepts will take 30 – 50 years to implement. The strong message from the industry was it needs solutions – NOW!

Industry called for collaboration with the supply chain to find innovative solutions that are commercially available to solve their challenges.

Laura Jones, Canadian Sales Manager for Therma-Chem, said, “Tackling climate change is a massive challenge for many organizations across the oil and gas industry. It was interesting to see how the supply chain is working hard to find solutions to help these industry leaders achieve their goals. The Congress was an excellent opportunity to meet with industry leaders and, discuss our solutions and see the reaction we received from producers and environmental organizations that Therma-Chem’s technology is an approved methodology for emission reduction. Our chemical and processes improve boiler efficiency, which meets the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change requirements. We ensure that less fuel is burned, reducing CO2 emissions.”

Reducing Emissions

One of the most common issues boilers and fired heaters face is the fouling of heat transfer surfaces due to fireside deposition. This results in reduced heat transfer efficiency and increased emissions and creates a corrosive environment around the surface of the tube. In severe cases, flue gas passages may get blocked, leading to unscheduled shutdowns for deposit removal. Therma-Chem’s technology reverses these trends online, protecting all heat transfer surfaces while preventing high and low-temperature corrosion. This increases the unit’s performance, efficiency, and profitability and, as a result, decreases emissions. We have been working with Canadian-based Oil Sands Company Syncrude for approaching 10 years to do just that!

Paul Paynter, Former WPC Canada Board Member and Foresight Entrepreneur-In-Residence who has been involved in organizing the event, said “It has been a privilege to work on bringing the World Petroleum Congress to Canada. A big part of the motivation behind that involvement centred upon showing the world how great technologies such as Therma-Chem’s were already delivering real and significant GHG savings in the Canadian oil patch, a vital resource that will help meet the world’s twin needs for energy security and energy responsibility for many years to come. I congratulate Therma-Chem in taking full advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase their commercial and operational readiness, and in delivering vitally needed emissions reductions for industry today.”

The industry needs to realise that solutions to their problems are available now. At Therma-Chem, we are on a mission to help make the world a better place for all to live in.